The below directory lists registered management level employees, advisory and board members, and selected resource partners of Opulence Group and its member firms.

Name Company Position Location Contact
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Opulence Advisory Board Member Abu Dhabi
Opulence Board Member / Group VP, Diplomatic Relations Ha'il
Opulence Board Member - Managing Director of DFG Dubai
Opulence Board Member Bangkok
Opulence Honorary Board Member Dhaka
Opulence Board Member / CEO Vanderhey Moody Las Vegas
Ali Mousa Holding Executive Board Member Sharjah
Opulence Board Member Phoenix - Abu Dhabi
Opulence Executive Partner, Consulting Riyadh - Bahrain
OCM Executive Director of Project Finance Abu Dhabi
Opulence Group VP Trade Abu Dhabi
Opulence Country Head Bangladesh Abu Dhabi - Dhaka
Opulence VP Credit Abu Dhabi - Dhaka
Opulence Group Director Ghana Accra
Prabhat CEO Accra
Opulence Group Vice President, Country Head KSA Riyadh
Opulence Vice President, Business Development Riyadh
Opulence Group VP Trading Dhaka
Opulence Group Chief Risk Officer Las Vegas
Opulence Associate General Counsel Abu Dhabi
Opulence Global Analyst Abu Dhabi
Opulence Representative of Korea Office Seoul
Opulence Project Management Analyst Abu Dhabi
Opulence Business Analyst Abu Dhabi
Opulence Senior Analyst Ha'il
Opulence Project Manager Ha'il
Opulence Business Manager Riyadh