Kazi Mizanur Rahman

MDM International CEO

Kazi Mizanur Rahman is a renowned architect with over 17 years of experience developing world-class projects. His extensive hands-on experience leading teams when developing world-class projects across the Middle East has given him an upper hand in business management.


Education Details

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bachelor's degree in Architecture.


Experience Details

Architect Riddhi (Dhaka).
Junior Architect
Senior Architect
Ingrid Architects.

Most relevant projects:

  1. Renovation work of Shishu Park, Shabagh.
  2. Architectural remodeling of Rajshahi Railway Station, Rajshahi.
  3. Development of a six-story apartment building for Oscar Development Ltd.

Senior Architect.
MDM Architects – MNC Company (UK)

  1. Architectural design of an eight-story building for UCEP, Dhaka (UCEP Tower).
  2. Residence renovation and interior design for Mr. Jahangir Alam Khan (UCBL Director).

Assistant to the Chief Architect, Project Supervisor
Pell Frischmann Conseco International Ltd. and SDDC Worldwide Engineers Ltd

"North-South University Campus" in the Bashundhara residential area.

Pell Frischman
Al Zeina project site at Al Raha Beach (multi-use project consisting of apartments, villas, retail and recreational areas).

Senior Architect
EDMAC Engineering Consultant

Main responsibilities: Concept design, authority regulations, Master Developer's Design Control Regulation (DCR) and coordination with the site construction team to follow IFC drawings and take the approval of minor modifications.

  1. Multiple towers development by DANUBE in Arjan, Dubai.
  2. 'OCEAN Tower" by Fern Ltd. in Al Furjan, Dubai.

MDM Architecture

Kazi runs the company and focuses on understanding their clients’ vision to develop the right design solutions for them and deliver their desired output on time.