Fyaj Md. Asif

Head of Office Operation and Coordination

Fyaj Md Asif is one of the most recognized and experienced specialists in architectural design, structural design, project management consulting, mechanical electrical and plumbing design, and construction through design-build contracting.

His passion and dedication to architecture have allowed him to lead the design and construction of some of the most innovative and avant-garde buildings. Amid all this, he also has a lot of experience in office operations and coordination since his previous career primarily involved office management duties.


Education Details

Marconi International University. Master of Business Administration


Experience Details

Executive Administrative
Head of Office Operation and Coordination
MDM Architects

Most relevant projects:

Designing the building for the US Army Corps of Engineering during 2012-2014, leading a team of 100 engineers and architects.

Blood Center and Warehouses
Working for the US Army Corps of Engineering as a design-builder of different warehouses, where a team of 20 engineers was involved.

Alongside a team of engineers and architects, Fyaj designed 1,440 houses, 120 shelters, three security houses, an office building, a UN Building, an RRRC Building, an INGO Building, two helipads, a super shop, a graveyard, a market, a 220-bed hospital, four Community Clinics and 57 Km of road networking (RCC, HBB).