“We try to work only with the dreamers…this place is not for conventional people or companies.”

His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman

Vision. Wisdom. Experience. All are apt descriptions of good leadership – our group believes in even more.  

Accountability, Entrepreneurship, Self-Reliance.  

The Opulence Group Board of Directors represents the various families and stakeholders that make up our Group. Utilizing their centuries of combined experience across dozens of industries, investment and governance, our Board is the driving force behind the consistent expansion and impact we continue to make upon the markets we operate in today – and those in which will expand tomorrow. We believe in the power of the collective – great minds, when brought together by common purpose, achieve that which is unimaginable individually. Our Board Members exemplify what it means to be a stakeholder in the vision of OPULENCE. Acting with decisiveness to bring about Elevation of Goals, Innovation of Practices, and Transcendence of Ideals.