Saud Al Quraishi

Board Member

Saud Al Quraishi is a member of the executive board of Opulence Group as well as the Managing Director for the Al Quraishi Group. Saud's responsibilities include developing plans for executing operations, implementing follow-up procedures and establishing direction, roadmaps, and strategies to build a solid and competent team to help the company succeed. Saud is an experienced Engineer whose primary expertise lies in project management, much so that he has spent much of his career developing skills to oversee various projects and handle project-specific issues.


Education Details

Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


University of Colorado, Boulder.
Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering


New York Institute of Technology
Master of Business Administration


Experience Details

ARAMCO Professional Development Program
As soon as Saud finished his undergraduate program in 1987, he began working for ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia's largest petroleum and natural gas conglomerate. As part of his work with ARAMCO, Saud was mainly instrumental in the SCADA system project, which required a substantial amount of his time and expertise. It was an invaluable learning curve that Saud successfully mastered at an early stage in his career. His career turned around when he left ARAMCO after resigning, as he opened his consultancy firm in the process - a move that he believes was the turning point in his career.

Throughout Saud's career, he has faced several challenges that have been posed to him in his line of work, which has enabled him to become comfortable facing challenging situations. One of the most notable achievements has been maintaining a highly motivated workforce. As part of Saud's approach to overcoming this issue, he emphasizes the importance of giving all team members a clear vision of the plan and placing a high value on their contributions.

Environmental and Sustainability
He has recently focused on environmental and sustainable issues and is currently developing a sanctuary to protect creatures and ecosystems. Saud strongly believes that applying practical knowledge and experience are vital elements to any project's success.