Fahim Reza

Quality Control Engineer

Fahim Reza is a highly experienced engineer with 10+ years experience in quality control, project management and coordination. He currently works as a Quality Control Engineer for the Opulence Group, coordinating projects with clients, vendors and different departments within the business. He also takes responsibility for the quality of materials to ensure that the project is delivered promptly and efficiently.


Education Details

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute
Diploma for Engineering in Civil Technology


Experience Details

Home Design
A company specializing exclusively in home renovations.

Project Coordinator and Quality Control Engineer
MDM Architects
Providing technical support to the project team, serving as a bridge between the various project personnel. He supervised the materials used as well as the work's quality. Most relevant projects to date:

  1. CCMC & MPCS
  2. Blood Center and warehouses in Nepal
  3. Ashrayan-3

To ensure the projects’ completion within a short time, Fahim had to coordinate and manage time efficiently with vendors. He eventually completed these projects within the estimated time frame, primarily due to his expertise in the area.