Umme Kulsum

Senior CAD Operator

Umme Kulsum is a Senior Cad operator at MDM Architects. She is an experienced engineer with expertise in drawing up architectural, structural and plumbing plans.

She is a qualified expert in architectural and structural work and detailed drawing, as these are areas she has been able to perform over the years in avant-garde projects.


Education Details

Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST).
Diploma in Architecture


University of Information Technology and Science (UITS).
Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering


Experience Details

CAD Operator
Tarique Hasan and Associates Ltd.

Assistant Engineer
Steel-x Ltd.

Senior CAD Operator
MDM Architects
Responsible for maintaining proper use of architectural criteria and drawing standards and preparing construction drawings for development. Most notable projects:

  1. Warehouses in Nepal (drawing, design built)
  2. Ashrayan-3 (drawing, design and supervision)
  3. Bangladesh Bangabandhu Military Museum (drawing and design)

Umme considers the Ashrayan-3 the most valuable project she has worked on, as they developed a city-like island to give a home to FDMN (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals).