Ishaan Ray

Global Analyst

Ishaan Ray is a global analyst for Opulence Group. He possesses a profound understanding of geopolitical issues, and is well versed in the areas of strategic security and foreign policy analysis. Having been raised in the UAE, Ishaan has attained a sound familiarity with the Middle East ecosystem.


Education Details

Australian National University (ANU)
Bachelor's degree in International Security Studies


Experience Details

Co-founder of the Global Security Initiative, a forecasting and analytics research collective, specializing in geopolitical and security risk/threat analysis conducted via open-source intelligence investigations.

Responsible for overseeing aggregation, filtration and layering vast amounts of OSINT data in support of projects under GSI’s Analytics and Forecasting program.

After a series of successful project publications, Ishaan was promoted to Head of Intelligence Collection.

Worked on a variety of significant projects ranging from military and geopolitical events, crises and transnational organized crime - all of which required continuous monitoring of activities and trends of the key global and regional actors involved.

Employs collected intelligence to detect and project their effects across Political, Military, Economic, and Social Systems.

Collaborated with a multitude of high profile clients; for example: Conducted a threat assessment of Pakistan by compiling two security briefs detailing the coordinated targeting of Polio vaccine institution workers by radical militant groups, a project that was done in collaboration with the Director of Intelligence of McKinsey & Company.


"Duke of Edinburgh Awards - Bronze & Silver (2015)"