Md. Babul Mia

Structural Engineer

Babul Mia is a Structural Engineer at MDM Architects, known for his work in structural planning, analysis, design, scheduling and supervision with the structural design team. He focuses on the safety of development as well as the feasibility of its design. His ultimate goal is to be a multidimensional structural design engineer for all civil structures.


Education Details

Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology. Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering


Experience Details

Design and Development solutions (DDS).

Maxwell Stamp Ltd.

IMC Worldwide Ltd.

Structural Engineer.
MDM Architects
Most relevant projects:

  1. Public Investment Facility for Infrastructure Constraints (PIFIC)
  2. Ashrayan-3 (design, drawing and supervision)

Babul considers PIFIC one of the most worthwhile projects he has worked on. The project consisted of a facility for a cluster of small industries in the leather, footwear, plastic, and light engineering sector. The challenge from Babul's side was that he had to design these structures in alignment with industrial facilities and training centers.