Josephine Saleh

VP Credit

As a business expert and equality activist, Josephine Saleh has extensive experience across international development organizations and corporate banking.

As a result of her various studies and degrees, she has had the opportunity to work with senior officials in government, representatives from non-profit organizations and multiple corporations like HSBC.


Education Details

INSEAD in Paris, France. Master of Business Administration.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the United States. Bachelor's degrees in Bioengineering, Economics and Business French.


Experience Details

Stakeholder Associate
She has worked with various stakeholder groups at multiple levels, including senior government officials and counterparts in non-profit organizations and various institutions and companies.

Established in 1972 - UNIMECH is a family-owned company, and one of the major groups in Bangladesh that have been the prime developers of the country’s civil aviation since their Independence in 1971. UNIMECH has been instrumental in developing ground-handling equipment used at the Dhaka International Airport. As of today, Josephine remains a board member and serves as the General Director of the organization. She is focused and committed towards growing UNIMECH's legacy.

Throughout her life, Josephine has supported different social causes and is passionate about helping others in need. As there are very few opportunities for women to study in Bangladesh, Josephine is planning to open this vocational institute for women to be trained in math engineering and medicine in the near future. The institute will be dedicated to her parents, the late Mr. Abu Saleh, and Mrs. Mahrukh Saleh - the current Chairwoman of UNIMECH.

Furthermore, she would like to sponsor scholarships for Bangladeshi women applying to INSEAD provided that they will return to Bangladesh to empower more women in the workplace.