Alexander Vanderhey

Group Chairman

Alexander Vanderhey is Chairman of Opulence Group in addition to serving as Chairman of the HIF (Ha'il Investment Fund). Alexander holds positions on the boards and advises various Opulence Group companies including Opulence Capital Management, Vanderhey Moody & Co. LLP, Development Finance Group, Bengal Group Limited, Unimech Limited, IRG Project Management, Hongke Group, Al Quraishi Group, and many other group affiliates.

An expert in emerging and growth market finance, Alexander works with governments to develop large scale projects, financings, and initiatives that create real value impact to their ecosystems. With a family background in the shipbuilding, global trade and banking sectors, he utilizes this foundation to develop worldwide ventures innovating diverse global thinking and relationships to pioneer technology, projects and trade. Alexander is a pioneer in financial execution structures especially in complex fiscal environments and ecosystems that require sophisticated ideations and measures from complex underwriting to efficient downstream execution.

As a global financier, Alexander has organized innovative project finance and sovereign finance structures, in association with some of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds, emerging market governments, international banks, and multinational companies including Citibank, Gideon Group, HSBC, Alior Bank, Societe Generale, China National Technical Import and Export Corporation and others.

Alexander has personally advised and managed capital investments and joint ventures for leading family offices worldwide including Gideon Group, the Li Family Office, O’Torre Family Office, Action Gaming (Ernie Moody Family Office), Haas-Portman Family Office, Bazzari Family and many other prolific GCC and ASEAN families.

Guided by a lifelong experience rooted in international relations, Alexander brings capabilities, relationships and cultural understanding borne of his constant global travels since childhood. These experiences birthed his own integration into the many cultures he calls home over the years. Alexander’s comprehensive global outlook allows him to bridge the gap between the needs of Opulence clients and the requirements of our financial and technical partners. His ability to create a reliable and innovative foundational understanding of communication allows for expedited ability to form cross-global relationships; the key to a radical change in pace of creation, development and completion of projects and international coalitions.

Alexander’s transformational thought leadership paves the way for the globalization of the Opulence Group and holds to his vision of uniting the world for positive ecosystem development. His vision for a truly global coalition, coordinated in values, to elevate, innovate and transcend the historical barriers to international cooperation and development progress the Opulence Vision of an integrated and prosperous relationship between the East and West that allows for revolutionary increases in the proliferation of technical and financial resources.