Lines of Business

Our group invests, operates and expands on the guiding principle of vertical integration. From our core background in financial services and project development, we began to integrate facets of the service and supply chain into the group to enable turn-key deliveries and maximally efficient operation. Our diversified approach allows group companies the resources and cross-industry operational expertise to have industry-leading solutions provided intragroup.

Project Development Services
→ Project Finance
→ Project Management
→ Architectural and Design Services
→ Masterplanning Services
→ Sovereign Advisory
→ Corporate Advisory
→ Financial Institution Advisory
→ Civil Aviation Supply
→ Building Materials Trading
→ Agricultural Trading
→ Frozen Foods Import
Capital Management
→ Private Equity
→ Private Credit
→ Credit Enhancement
→ Venture Capital
Real Estate and Infrastructure
→ Real Estate Development
→ Feasibility Consultancy
→ Housing
→ Engineering
→ Project Insurance
→ Sovereign and Financial Institution Non-Payment Indemnity
→ Specialty Cover (including political violence, etc.)
Shipping and Logistics