Group Overview

A globally inter-connected, agile and diversified group with vertically-integrated operating companies in sectors including: project management, project finance, capital management, private credit, architecture and design, trading, FMCG distribution, defense supply, shipping and specialized logistics, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, sovereign and corporate advisory, heavy industry and real estate development. Opulence Group is regionally headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with a diversified global presence and international portfolio. Opulence has an accomplished executive Board of Directors, consisting of its stakeholders as well as an extensive international team of professionals to support the Group and to assist in achieving its long-term global objectives and growth strategy.


Opulence Group is the result of decades of achievement by its stakeholder companies in many areas of industry, technology, and finance. A novel concept – that integrating the needs of re-emerging economies with the financial and technological abilities of the Western world – would, when combined with several individually strong firms, would result in a unique capability to affect and develop projects and industry from Africa, the Middle East and on to Asia. Our stakeholders and companies exemplify our diversified history in the way that they interact with each other and our clients – bridging gaps, building bridges, and providing solutions to the ecosystems we operate within.

Corporate Governance & Responsibility

We are committed to the best practice in corporate governance. We do our business with professionalism, transparency, integrity and high work ethics. The Board of Directors, assisted by the Executive Management and the Internal Audit & Risk Team, ensure that corporate governance is applied in all business processes, activities and operations. Opulence Group goes beyond compliance and applies a strict moral code, out­lined in our Code of Conduct. These tenets require courage and bravery for all of our stakeholders, employees, and partners, because acting in harmony with our principles can cause discomfort – especially when it involves challenging the conventional way of doing business in the markets we serve.

Our Corporate Governance includes:
  • - Reliable, accurate and transparent reporting.
  • - Compliance with local and international laws, rules and regulations.
  • - Adherence to corporate policies and procedures.
  • - Integrity and honesty for every interaction within and outside our company.
  • - Diversity and inclusion for all backgrounds and ways of thinking.
  • - Transcendence, giving all of our stakeholders the ability to conceptualize and actualize great achievements.