Md. Moinuddin Miazi

Civil Engineer

Moinuddin Miazi is a Civil Engineer at MDM Architects. He primarily specializes in designing the plumbing drawing, engaging with the Supervision of Plumbing design and Construction Works, and detailing the structural design. As a civil engineer, he was responsible for plumbing design and site supervision for the JK Tower, a 15-storied tower.


Education Details

University of Information Technology and Sciences.
Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering


Engineering Staff College, Dhaka.
Training certificate in Imarat Nirman Bidhimala


Experience Details

Project Engineer

Project Engineer
MDM Architects

Specialized in plumbing systems. Most relevant projects to date:

  1. CCMC & MPCS (design built)
  2. Blood Center and warehouses in Nepal (design built)
  3. Ashrayan-3 (drawing, design and supervision)

To date, Ashrayan-3 has been the most valuable project he has worked on as a plumbing engineer. As it is an island, the biggest challenge was constructing an effective drainage system and developing a quality water purification system. However, the project succeeded and made history as one of the proudest moments of Moinuddin's career.