Dewan Afzal

Head of Human Resources and Administration

Dewan Afzal specializes in restructuring human resources in large industries, developing and implementing HR policies, and acquiring talent and training them accordingly. He has also focused on employee retention and company growth throughout his caree

Additionally, he is passionate about social work and helping those in need. Currently, he is leading two non-governmental organizations, Bangladesh Women's Rights Development Society for the Empowerment of Women and the Non-Formal Education and Skill Development Program.


Education Details

Ahmadu Bello University
BA in Business Administration with honors


Experience Details

Operations Officer
Smar Maker
Upon finishing his undergraduate studies, Dewan began his professional career as an Operations Officer at a small knit factory called Smart Maker. There, he learned the pillars of knowledge that he is still applying in his daily life today.

MDM Architects
Most relevant projects:
"The Royal Paradise" (2015 - 2020). Qatar and Exim Bank invested approximately 300 million in this project.

Throughout his studies, Dewan has demonstrated an interest in activism and a willingness to assist others in need. A few years ago, along with other non-governmental organizations, he founded the Bangladesh Women's Rights Development Society to empower women. Its mission is to ensure the achievement of women's equal rights, dignity, and empowerment in a democratic society through their participation.

In addition, Dewan leads the non-formal education and skill development program, which helps thousands of people who didn't finish their education with workshops and courses that can help them find better jobs and improve their quality of life.