Amit Bikram

Project Coordinator

Amit Bikram is the Project Coordinator at MDM Architects. Among his umbrella of responsibilities, he is in charge of managing paperwork associated with the projects, conveying requirements set by Architects and Engineers to the various subcontracting firms, asking for quotations from them and initiating negotiations on behalf of the firms. This experience has allowed him to make thorough plans that their team members can efficiently execute.


Education Details

University of Adelaide, Australia.
Bachelor's degree in Development Studies.

Focus on gender, human rights and aid policy and administration.


Experience Details

Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Skills development instructor.
Medical college.

Authored a report on Japan and South Korea's socio-economic-political conditions to assess the possibility of exporting skilled healthcare workers from Bangladesh.

Project Coordinator
MDM Architects

Most significant projects:

  1. Construction of 25 multi-purpose disaster shelters in Bangladesh.
  2. Transitional Resettlement Strategy for Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (Ashrayan-3).

Youth for Peace and Democracy (YPD)
Amit has worked with YPD volunteer groups in relief distributing work during natural disasters.