Deane Arvin

Prabhat CEO

Dean Arvin is a graduate of the prestigious Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration as well as a graduate of the Takoradi Polytechnic Institution with an HND in Purchasing and Supply. Deane has been a practicing professional for many years and is committed to developing a strong working force in purchasing and supply (Micro and Macro), trend analysis and bonds trading.

Prabhat, now part of the Opulence Group, started in 2018 and has gained credibility as a reputed player in global commodity trade, with a portfolio mix comprising multiple commodities, clients, and geographies. Over the years, the company has created a niche for itself by fulfilling commodity requirements in Ghana, Europe, and Africa. Today, the company is well known as a leading Buyer, Processor, Marketer, Exporter and Importer of bulk agricultural commodities.


Education Details

Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.
Bachelor's degree in Procurement Management (First Class Honours)

Takoradi Polytechnic Institution.
HND in Purchasing and Supply