Md. Hadiul Millat

Head of Finance

Hadiul Millat is an accountant and finance expert with over twenty years of expertise in different industries. His experience in finance has given him the ability to develop cash flow statements for various businesses, manage credit and resources and provide advice regarding how to grow multi billion-dollar companies and streamline their resources. Currently, Mr. Millat is our Head of Finance and asset acquisition and resource management expert.


Education Details

Bachelor's degree in Law.

MBA in Finance.


Experience Details


Largest private sector group in Bangladesh, which sells a wide range of products and services to international markets. Some industries they work with include textiles, pharmaceuticals, PPE, ceramics, real estate development, construction, trading, marine food, information and communication technologies, media, DTH, financial services, and energy.

Head of Finance
MDM Architects

Hadiul contributes significantly to achieving the business's month-to-month goals by providing overall financial forecasting and proper budgeting to ensure that the company will be sustainable in the long run. His other main responsibilities are: Producing accurate financial reports and information, developing cash flow statements, projecting profit, managing credit, providing advice in making financial decisions and directing investments.