Dubai-based Opulence Capital invests $20 million in Nano Cures for global expansion

Published: March 22, 2021 11:24

Nano Cures, a clinical stage biotechnology and infectious disease immunity platform company, has received $90 million pre-IPO funding round that included $20 million from Opulence Capital Management, a Dubai based private investment fund. The investment will accelerate the global scale up of Nano’s Cures Platform for Covid-19 variants, including vaccines and persistent immunity delivery. The company will open up its Cures Platform to other pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines, providing dynamic new ways to conquer the pandemic and deliver billions of doses directly to those in need.

Steve Papermaster, Nano’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “As Covid-19 has made abundantly clear, a 21st century technology-enabled approach is needed that refreshes how we proactively solve public health challenges and threats. The rollout of the Nano Cures Platform will help to heal the world from the current devastating Covid-19 pandemic, and shield it from future pandemics, epidemics, and unnecessary death from infectious diseases. The opportunity to do so is likely the largest value creation opportunity in the world today.”

Nano is accelerating plans to bring its Cures Platform for Covid-19 (and variants) to emerging regions such as GCC, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Central/Southern Europe. The breakthroughs in disruptive delivery methods beyond shots will be a gamechanger for improving access and vaccine delivery to people of all regions.

“We are proud to support and partner with Nano as they bring this Cures Platform to market. We believe they are delivering a highly unique set of proactive health and safety solutions to address the current global pandemic, as well as safeguard against the next one,” said Alexander Vanderhey, Chairman of Opulence Capital Management. “With this investment, we are envisioning a safer, healthier future for the world.”

Nano is developing universal pan-coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics for annual protection against known and emerging coronaviruses, which will be critical to successfully avoiding future global and regional public health and economic threats.