Riyadh Lifestyle Business Park.

Project Brief

Consisting of multiple corporate office buildings, retail centers, a serviced condominiums building and public realm urban amenities & lounges, Riyadh Lifestyle Business Park aims to be the best lifestyle business park in Riyadh.

An atmosphere in which to do business on a grand scale, delight yourself with a gourmet dish or savor a traditional Arabic or Turkish coffee and enjoy the modern entertainment centers built for the local gaming culture, all within a setting of lush panoramic views, relaxed under elegant touches of nature.

Project Vision

The vision is for creating the most talked about lifestyle and activity business park in Riyadh.

We envision a space that ushers in masterful concepts in urban office environments, including integration of open space planning with built form.

Riyadh Lifestyle Business Park is envisioned to be a destination office park with an active urban edge, integrated public realm and activity attractors for users of all ages and denominations.

  • • A flagship lifestyle based business park
  • • 6 towers of corporate office space
  • • Serviced condominiums
  • • Business club & executive facilities
  • • 1656 underground parking spaces
  • • Retail outlets throughout the complex
  • • Public realm lounges and amenities
  • • Digital signage advertising skin
  • • Gaming entertainment centers
  • • Gourmet restaurants & cafes

Market Scenario

Demand in Riyadh is robust for offices that have a wider provision of facilities (such as F&B outlets within buildings) and projects with flexible floor plates to cater to a range of tenant requirements.

Residences in close proximity to commercial areas have been experiencing strong growth in demand as Riyadh continues to attract global talent. However, the residential market currently has a shortage of developments which, for example, provide flexible work options for residents.

With the kingdom’s tourism sector growing and business travel bouncing back, demand from international & domestic visitors has increased. This has put a spotlight on the need for developing a greater range of hospitality projects to cater to the needs of the changing profile of visitors.

Special Features

  • • Active urban environment
  • • Flexi-spaces for events and festivals
  • • Themed business towers
  • • Medical, science and technology, media and communications
  • • Abstract sculpture and art park
  • • Gaming attractions
  • • Active urban edge
  • • Visionary arrival experience
  • • Digital and IOT integration
  • • Youth friendly and senior equipped
  • • Carbon targeted and energy oriented
  • • Solar urban furniture
  • • Off-grid public realm
  • • Digi-advertising facades and open-air screens
  • • Retained F&B and special-themed outlets
  • • Promotion of local culture
  • • Encourage local brands
  • • Creative zones

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